Linkurious SAS is a French start-up founded in 2013, dedicated to help users access and navigate graph databases in a simple manner so they can make sense of their data. We develop Linkurious, a web-based application for searching and visualizing graph databases.

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Gephi is an interactive visualization and exploration software for all kinds of networks and relational data: online social networks, emails, communication and financial networks, but also semantic networks, inter-organizational networks and more. Designed to make data navigation and manipulation easy, it covers the entire process from data importing to aesthetics refinements and interaction. Users interact with the visualization and manipulate structures, shapes and colors to reveal hidden properties. The goal is to help data analysts to make hypotheses and intuitively discover patterns or errors in large data collections.

I have led the project since 2008 with Mathieu Bastian, and am the administrator of the Gephi Consortium.

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International Design Biennal 2010

The Saint Étienne International Design Biennial, holding from 20 November to 5 December, is a unique event in the domain of design, due to the exhibitions shown as well as the diversity of its attendees. The Biennial democratizes design and makes it accessible to all kinds of audiences, proving that this creative discipline can take many forms, and is often driven by human aspects, including its uses by humans.

I exhibited maps of designers’ conceptual world, placed at the center of the “Prédiction” exhibition, the “Oracle's chamber”. Made in collaboration with Benjamin Loyauté, curator of the event, these inscriptions are a proposal to reveal the state of knowledge sharing in Design today.

See more photos here or watch to the round table.

EDWoS - Web of Science Data Explorer 2010

EDWoS is an experimental tool for the analysis and interactive exploration of data from the Web of Science ® which can be used to navigate through authors and keywords on French scientific research work produced in the field of chemistry over the last 10 years.

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Diseasome online 2009

The diseasome website is a disease/disorder relationships explorer and a sample of an innovative map-oriented scientific work. Built by a team of researchers and engineers, it uses the Human Disease Network dataset and allows intuitive knowledge discovery by mapping its complexity. The website is an invitation to think about the benefits of networks exploration but above all it tries to outline future designs of scientific information systems.

Read the presentation at Online Information 2009, or visit The poster is now part of the Places & Spaces: Mapping Science exhibition.

Made in collaboration with Linkfluence, WebAtlas and INIST-CNRS. Project ended in 2009.

CodeMiner 2008

CodeMiner is a free open source reverse engineering tool for exploring source codes in Java as complex networks. The software is divided in two parts: an Eclipse plugin extracting the network data, and a visualisation software called Gephi. Project ended in 2008.

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